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Trusted advisors know what to do!

Late last year, GBAC STAR introduced a new accreditation program called “Trusted Advisor Program”.
Previously, accreditation was limited to facilities, companies, and thier technologies, and now individuals are also eligible for this accreditation.
We have heared that it will be a requirement for facilities and companies to apply for any GBAC STAR accreditation via Trusted Advisors eventually.
Three of our employees have already passed the rigorous examinations to gain the qualification.
You can continue to rely on us for infectious disease control and GBAC STAR.
Although things have settled down recently, there is still not a day that goes by when the COVID-19 is not mentioned on TV and in the newspapers.

In the meantime, it has finally been decided that from March 13, 2023, the wearing of masks will be “left to the discretion of the individual”.
And from May 8, COVID-19 will be placed in the same “category 5” as seasonal influenza in terms of infectious diseases.
We understand that there a lot of facility managers who are wondering, “How should we respond to the ever changing standards?
If you have such a problem, please contact Sakura International, the most experienced company in the Japanese market!                                                                                                                                                             

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