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So what exactly does Sakura International do?
Our core business is event production.
As you can see in the Case Study, this covers the entire process from initial idea to live operations onsite.
Our corporate slogan gives a pretty good summary.

The Green Global MICE Producer

Our mission is to create and help run the best possible platform for our clients to achieve their business goals through event promotion.
This can be full turnkey or specific services to match your needs.

Click on the box that interests you for details on the solutions we offer.
  • Design

    As mentioned in the Case Study, whenever you rent a
    venue essentially you are getting a big empty box.
    The job of the design team is to make that box look like an event location.
    This can cover conceptualization, layout planning, branding, detailing and production

    Sakura International has both 3D (Space) and 2D (Graphic) design teams in both of its
    Japan offices who have the experience, skill and creativity you need.
    You have your own design? Great!
    We often work with industry partners bringing their own plans and we are happy to work
    off these modifying where necessary to fit local standards.
  • Event Planning

    Of course event planning is our core business, which is why we have a dedicated team
    to do this.
    While we are an event producer, we like to take a proactive role in the planning rather
    than just wait for instructions.
    We want to make sure you have the best platform for your event, because if you are
    successful then we have done our job right.

    In fact this responsibility is split over 2 teams, the Sales Planning team for standard
    project management and Event Planning for special event proposals and operations.

    Traditionally our work has mostly been in Exhibitions, but the scope has widened
    considerably over the last few years to include live events, B2C, sports events, incentives,
    private shows, showrooms and more.
    If you have an idea but are not sure how to make it into a reality then talk to us to make it
  • Production

    While in this industry it is common for agencies that handle the planning to outsource
    production, Sakura International is different.
    We have our own factories near our offices in Tokyo and Osaka and carry out modular
    construction and graphic work inhouse to maintain better cost and quality control.

    Having our own factories and production management team means we understand the
    nuts and bolts of events and onsite setups.
    They are specialists in construction and logistics, and they make sure that what is in the
    drawings is what gets delivered onsite.

    Another advantage of having your own production team is that we have all the
    qualifications and accreditations you need to get the work done.
    From construction management to exterior advertising and security our team are fully
    qualified to ensure compliance with local regulations.
  • Organiser Support

    The role of this unique team is exactly what it says in the title.
    They support organisers by handling administrative functions like secretariat duties.
    Organisers have enough to worry about when bringing an event to Japan without having
    to deal with exhibitors and visitors on top of everything else.
    The Organiser Support team take care of the back office duties from manual creation and
    online order forms to registration and onsite secretariat operations.
    This bilingual team has handled all kinds of shows from Energy to Semiconductors to
    Medical Conferences.

    With the newly developed MICE World/S4 software platform ordering and payments are
    now handled online making preshow arrangements even easier for your valuable
  • IT Solutions / Online Events

    One of the few positives to emerge from the pandemic has been the rise of online events.
    This has allowed us to pivot our resources an add online / hybrid event planning an
    management to our long list of capabilities.
    As travel is still difficult an expensive these have become an essential tool for event

    To help us carry this work out we have built inhouse studios in both our Tokyo and
    Osaka offices.
    These can be used for production and editing either live or pre-recorded.
    We also have AV specialists to handle the operations. It is now easier than ever to add
    livestreaming or online content to your event.

    In addition to standard industry software packages such as Zoom, we also have
    developed multiple platforms inhouse for clients interested in adding an online presence
    to their live event, or using these tools for pre and post-show marketing.
  • International Team

    Sakura International combines the best of Japan with an international vision, hence the
    company name.
    Our staff not only speak your language but also understand your culture and know the
    That is an unbeatable combination to help plan your event.

    Our international staff are not in a dedicated team, but rather spread throughout the
    That means we have bilingual project managers, designers, production management
    members and more.
    You would be surprised how difficult it can be to communicate here, but working with
    Sakura International means you can be sure you are understood.