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  • Akasaka Intercity Management, Inc. obtains GBAC STAR certification!

Akasaka Intercity Management, Inc. obtains GBAC STAR certification!


The GBAC STAR program is a certification program provided by GBAC’s (Global Biorisk Advisory Council). The program allows GBAC affiliated infectious disease professionals, including but not limited to medical specialists and university researchers, review and certify the infectious disease control measures of facilities from all perspectives.
As GBAC’s oversea agent for Japan, we manage publicity for the GBAC STAR program as well as provide fee-based consultancy services for application.
Akasaka Intercity Management Co.,Ltd., a provider of conference facilities in Tokyo, has acquired the GBAC STAR certification under our consulting services. (Facility name: Akasaka Intercity Conference)
Akasaka Intercity Conference is the first facility to receive the GBAC STAR certification through our fee-based consulting service.
(Akasaka Intercity Conference  HP:

The GBAC STAR Program allows you to obtain certification by entering necessary information of 20 items specified by GBAC in a template and applying online.

For inquiries about GBAC STAR certification, please contact us at the dedicated email address below.