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We Provided Our Services for the “EHEF (European Higher Education Fair) 2023”!

On June 24 at Tokyo’s Hosei University Ichigaya Campus and on June 25 at Kyoto’s Doshisha University Imadegawa Campus, the European Higher Education Fair was held.
Sakura International provided total support from event designs, the event website, onsite exhibitor support, PR including video interviews and webinars, and construction.
We provided total support from the day of the event to the operational direction of the event!
The event was held formally for the first time since 2019.
The organizers and Sakura International worked hard to ensure success and were very much looking forward to the event.
The event was anticipated by many thanks to careful web media and flyer-poster announcements leading up to the exhibition, Reservations were filled with requests and the venue was filled with visitors looking to learn more about studying in the EU.
▶Tokyo Venue: Hosei University 6/24
The event was a great success with 812 people in attendance.
View of the Hosei University Hall
▶Kyoto Venue: Doshisha University
Doshisha University also had a large turnout with 326 visitors.
Doshisha University venue
▶ Flyer and poster creation, website creation
We designed the flyers and designed and created the website.
We used a unique style of illustration and photo type, and it was very well received.
Official website created by us:
Flyer design
▶Creation and release of interview video (prior to the meeting)
We created a video interviewing people who have studied in Europe and published it on YouTube, generating almost 50,000 views!
Official YouTube link:

▶Live webinar (before the meeting)
Several webinars were conducted on ZOOM and distributed live on YouTube Live.
Many viewers asked questions in the comments and received answers immediately.
Webinar archived at:

Sakura International fully supported the European Higher Education Fair and will continue to support those who aim to study abroad in the EU!
We are very much looking forward to the development of this event as it continues to take place!

-Project Members-
Produced by Kawahara, Park, Goto, Kobayashi
Support: Nishiyama, Yamaguchi, Koto
Space/Graphic Design: Tada, Haga
Production Leader: Kubotera, Nakamura