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Providing Services for the Poultry & Pig Show 2024

Japan’s largest exhibition dedicated to the poultry and pig industry, the International Poultry & Pig Show 2024 (IPPS 2024), was held for three days from April 24th at the Port Messe Nagoya Exhibition Hall 1 and the Convention Center.
Reaching its 10th anniversary this year, the theme of this event was “Expanding the Future of Livestock Production: Three Days to Progress to the Future of the Poultry and Pig Farming Industry”.
We were honored to provide our venue decoration and exhibitor support services to the event organizer Congrès Inc. Utilizing a web-based system, we ensured a smooth and efficient support process for the exhibitors of the event.

We constructed a large truss structure on the concourse between the venue hall and the nearest train station as part of our venue decoration service to greet the visitors of the event. We also created a large sign structure at the entrance to represent this year’s theme and grandeur of the event.
We will continue to support the International Poultry & Pig Farming Show with Sakura International’s high quality services, and strive to grow and provide safe and high quality to all our clients in the future.