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  • We provided full support for the 2026 ITS World Congress in Taiwan.

We provided full support for the 2026 ITS World Congress in Taiwan.


Once again this year, we supported ITS TAIWAN to exhibit at the only world congress that is jointly held every year by the world’s three leading ITS organizations (ERTICO (Europe), ITS America (USA) and ITS Japan (Asia Pacific)).
ITS stands for Intelligent Transport Systems, and was conceived as a system to solve various problems of road traffic such as accidents, traffic congestion, and environmental measures by sending and receiving information between people, roads, and vehicles.

This year’s conference was held at The Hamburg Messe and Hamburg Congress Center in Hamburg, Germany from October 11 (Mon.) to October 15 (Fri.).
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In the midst of the new coronavirus, there were some negative news, such as the threat of the event itself and the cancellation of exhibits by some Japanese private companies, but the event was successfully held and we were able to support the exhibitors.

We have been working on ITS TAIWAN’s booth design and on-site construction every year since the ITS World Congress in 2018.
In addition, although woodwork is usually the mainstream for such events, for this booth decoration, we used fabric systems, which we also use as our own product, to create large graphics throughout the booth to welcome visitors.

ITS TAIWAN also has a strong desire to host the 2026 ITS World Congress in Taiwan. In order to achieve this goal, ITS TAIWAN and its co-exhibitors worked together to promote the event by posting slogans on the walls of the booths and introducing Taiwan’s famous sponsors, which showed at a glance that they were actively working towards the event.

We will continue to propose creative booth designs and operational plans that meet the needs of private companies and ITS associations in each country so that they can create opportunities for new industries and markets.