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We have moved to a new office!

After years of toil and hard work we have finally been able to upgrade to newer premises!
By doubling the amount of floor space, we have managed to climb another rung in our expansion plans. We have also moved away from the traditional “closed” office setup to a boundary-free desk space providing plenty of fresh air, a much-needed commodity in this intense industry! As our employees are our biggest asset, we have now been able to integrate a cozy open-seating area, much like the living room in a house. Our staff members have already fallen in love with it and we often conduct internal meetings there. The warm, friendly environment creates a relaxed space for our busy minds. This according to us, is one of our biggest assets, and we are bound to generate unparalleled ideas and provide inspiring proposals. If you are in the neighborhood, we would love for you to come over and exchange ideas with us!

Working with us is like a stroll in the park and our current work space has been inspired by this. Splashes of green adorn our layout and the woodgrain aisle accentuates our love for nature. This peaceful environment keeps us stress-free and ensures we can manage more work… so we look forward for your call!

We are now able to provide more of the famed Japanese Omotenashi (hospitality) and would love to see you drop in! Our new office and the revamped atmosphere is bound to bring more to the table!

【Address】5F, Daini Kamei Bldg. Kiba 2-17-13 Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0042
【Telephone/FAX Number】(Unchanged)03-5646-1160 / 03-5646-1161