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Local 5G service will be launched at INTEX Osaka

On September 12 (Tuesday), we will start local 5G services at INTEX Osaka*. This will be the industry’s first local 5G service at an exhibition facility.
Local 5G is a method employed by companies and organization (that are not a telecommunications carrier) to build a dedicated 5G network in a certain area. To operate the system, acquiring a radio license is necessary (High-capacity and high-speed communications are possible without the need for a telecommunications carrier).

Local 5G features
Provides a broadband environment that is 100 times faster than LTE, etc.
Ultra-low latency: Enables control and operation of robots and other equipment from remote locations without time lag.
Many simultaneous connections, including but not limited to smartphones and PCs, can be connected to the Internet.
Licensed radio waves ensure stable communications and no interference, while maintaining high security levels.

Employing local 5G allows the exhibition hall to provide stress-free large-volume data transmission such as 4K and 8K.
Low communication latency also allows the venue to hold large scale gaming events such as e-sports tournaments.
The venue can also be used in rehearsals for specific demonstrations in local 5G environments and large installation projects.

VR, Metaverse, WEB 3.0, and the future will increasingly require high-capacity, high-speed communications.
Please consider using this service when you hold an exhibition or event at INTEX Osaka.

Please refer to the brochure on our website for details.

*Local 5G communication is initially limited to Building 2. Plans are in place to gradually expand.