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The Tokyo Auto Salon, one of the world’s three major custom car shows, will be held for the 42nd time this year. Continuing from last year, we were honored to provide booth design and construction services again to Upgarage Group Co.
Dates: Friday, January 12 – Sunday, January 14, 2024
Location: Makuhari Messe
Exhibition Name: TOKYO AUTO SALON 2024
Exhibits: Event Stage, Race Information, Pit Reproduction Area, User/Owner Area, Product Sales Corner
Celebrating its 25th anniversary in April 2024, this year’s Upgarage booth’s theme was “Evolution.
While maintaining a well-established aesthetic, the new layout and design changes from past booth designs expressed an attitude of continuous evolution.
In the race information area, the pit was reproduced in the booth to give the impression of an exciting race attracting many visitors to the booth.
Effective traffic flow planning was implemented to ensure that all visitors have a pleasant time: those who come to enjoy the event, those who enjoy the vehicles of users and owners, those who look for their own car in the photos posted on the wall, those who enjoy shopping, and those who were excited about the upcoming races.
The exhibition was crowded with many visitors who had been eagerly awaiting the day of the opening.

Project members
Facilitation: Kobayashi, Kamiya
Facilitator support: Saito
Space design: Komai
Graphic Design: Egashira
Production Management: Kubotera