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Total support for Honda’s exhibit at the “27th ITS World Congress Hamburg 2021”

For Honda’s exhibition booth at the “27th ITS World Congress Hamburg 2021” held in Germany from October 11 (Monday) to October 15 (Friday), 2021, we provided consistent support from booth design to on-site construction and booth management during the exhibition period, including infection disease control.

First of all, the entire booth was designed to promote Honda’s new vision for 2050, which is based on the values of “attaining safety that saves precious lives” and “eliminating the burden on the global environment,” and the new goals for “safety” and “environment.” The vision was prominently displayed next to the reception desk to deepen understanding and sympathy for the efforts being made to realize it.

In addition, we adopted blue as the image color for “safety” and green for “environment,” and used the image colors in the graphics showing the vision and in the division of areas to create a visually memorable appeal.

Also, in consideration of the fact that we were exhibiting under the COVID-19 circumstances, we took every possible measure to prevent infectious diseases.
We secured enough space between the products on display, managed the visitors in the booth by clarifying the entrances and exits, and controlled the movement of visitors by setting up a semi-forced line so that they could walk around the booth in a single stroke.

Since there were not many people traveling from Japan this time, we hired local staff to help with the administrative aspects. At the reception desk, we responded to and guided visitors. By conducting the survey near the exit, we contributed to securing effective information, and realized the total support from design to booth management.