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The World’s Largest Trade Show CES2024 Las Vegas – Providing Services to TAIYO YUDEN

Following the previous CES2023, we provided continued support for this year’s TAIYO YUDEN exhibit at CES2024. CES is the world’s largest technology exhibition that is held every January in Las Vegas for more than 50 years.
Continuing from last year, the exhibit was a great success thanks to our improved comprehensive support from design to construction.
For the business meeting area, every year we try to emphasize the “Japan-ness” in the design. To this end, we proposed “Izakaya” (Japanese style pub) as this year’s theme.
Even in the U.S., Japanese-style pubs using lanterns and noren have a strong impact as they are distinctly recognizable and helped boost the booths visibility in the crowded exhibition hall.
As per previous shows, projection mapping was used in the exhibit. We employed various exhibition techniques such as Sakura International’s own large-scale models, employed for the first-time outside Japan, as well as producing a full-panel LED 3D image.
With the help of our expert personnel from our US subsidiary in Las Vegas, everything was delivered smoothly thanks to the extensive knowledge and experience in American exhibitions.
The car and instrument panel models that we manufactured were very popular and highly effective in attracting visitors’ attention.
Although there are many displays of the physical products at CES, there very few mock-ups or models, helping increase the TAIYO YUDEN booth’s visibility from among the other booths.
Other prominent Japanese companies are also making a splash at CES this year, and Korean companies also have strong promotional efforts at their booths.
We saw firsthand that the visitors to the exhibition were increasingly from Asia countries such as Korea and China, not just the exhibitors.
Due to Asia’s high profile, CES Asia is held every June in Shanghai, where we have a company presence.
For companies considering exhibiting at the CES and CES Asia, the exhibition that is increasingly becoming the focus of attention around the world, please contact us for our extensive support.