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Seminar and Equipment Facilitation for NEW EDUCATION EXPO 2022


Organizer: New Education Expo Executive Committee

The 27th annual NEW EDUCATION EXPO 2022 is a seminar and exhibition for educators. We were honored to provide and facilitate the seminar and equipment operation for the Tokyo and Osaka venues.

People active in the education industry spoke at each seminar. More than a hundred seminars were held on themes such as the GIGA school concept, curriculum guidelines, and programming education. The venue was lined with exhibition booths of companies related to each theme. We provided support during the seminar preparation stage as well as facilitate and operated the equipment on the day of the seminar. We also conducted the online delivery and remote lectures using Zoom.

We were in charge of facilitating seminars at up to eight venues simultaneously. We provided services ranging from support in the preliminary stages, equipment operation, coordination with venues, and onsite seminar direction. All equipment, including seats and podiums were disinfected for each seminar and seminars were conducted with infection control measures in mind. Some seminars were also distributed online to satellite sites around Japan.

We also provided technical support and direction for remote speakers who participated remotely using Zoom to provide a unique hybrid presentation.

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