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SEMICON Japan 2022 Canon Inc. booth design, construction, and onsite performance support Services

in front of the booth
on the mezzanine floor
SEMICON Japan 2022 was recently held in Tokyo Big Sight for three days from December 14, 2022.
We were honored to provide our services to Canon Inc. to design and construct their booth and we supported them through the exhibition period.

<Table of Contents>
1. Exhibition Details
2. Our scope of responsibility
3. Challenges and Solutions
4. Summary

1. Exhibition Details
Schedule:Wednesday, December 14 to Friday, December 16
Location:Tokyo Big Sight
Exhibition Name:SEMICON Japan 2022
Exhibit lineups for each semiconductor manufacturing process by Canon, Canon Machinery Inc, and CANON ANELVA CORPORATION.

2. Our scope of responsibility
We were asked to design and construct the booth, as well as production of in booth media and invitations.

3. Challenges and Solutions
Our challenges for designing the booth was two fold; that our client was exhibiting in SEMICON for the first time in several or more years, and the difficulty of showcasing the unity of the co-exhibitors through the booth design and use of space.

To increase visibility and impact, we placed a carefully designed logo decoration six meter high in front of the booth to maximize booth visibility and presence within the exhibition. A 110-inch translucent multi-monitor and a large concept graphics were installed in the front of the booth. The monitors played videos and graphics produced by Sakura International, introducing the product lineups of the three companies that support the semiconductor manufacturing processes. As the centerpiece of the exhibition, many domestic and international visitors gathered around the monitors and other graphics during the show, even creating a waiting line to enter the booth.

We also designed the business meeting area on the mezzanine floor. It not only provided a panoramic view of the exhibition hall, but also gave the visitors a bird’s eye view of the co-exhibitors so that they can sense the future collaboration of the three companies.

4. Summary
It had been a long time since Canon Inc. exhibited at SEMICON, but we were honored to learn that our reputation for taking charge of the overall operation of SEMICON Japan events had allowed them to confidently ask us for our services. By the end of the show, we received great praise and feedback about the booth design from both inside and outside the company.