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Providing Services to Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. for JAPAN MOBILITY SHOW 2023

The Japan Mobility Show is an exhibition for Japan’s latest technology related to mobility and was held at Tokyo Big Sight for 11 days from October 26, 2023.
We provided services to Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. and provided booth designs, construction and operation support, as well as video production for the duration of the event.
Booth Design Concept
We chose the Sumitomo Future Campsite design concept for the booth to showcase the former Retro bus and newly reborn EV car, as well as experience the many fields that Sumitomo Electric works with such as information communication, environmental energy, and more.
The design was based on the concept of a campsite, where visitors can experience for themselves the future that Sumitomo Electric Industries envisions.
The humble and welcoming atmosphere of the booth attracted many visitors, many experiencing the future of camping and Sumitomo Electrics advanced technology.
Video Production
We implemented 3D signage to increase booth visibility and attract visitors to the booth.
We also used 3D animation for the booth’s many visual media and they were very popular to both the children and the adults that came to the booth.

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Other operational support
We employed a director and greeters to streamline the operations.
We also adopted camp clothes for the greeters to keep with the overall concept of a campsite.
In addition, a quiz rally about the products and history of Sumitomo Electric was created so that visitors could learn about the company through hands-on experience.
Sakura International not only designed the booth but also provided operational support as well as content proposals and production.
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Project members
Produced by Oizumi and Mizukawa
Space design: Mori & Takemasa
Graphic design: Okuno
Video production and management support: Aida, Arui