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Providing Services to Phoenix Contact for IIFES2024

IIFES2024 was held at Tokyo Big Sight for 3 days from January 31, 2024.
As a comprehensive technology exhibition, the event showcased cutting-edge technologies and information from the electronics and measurement industries.
Phoenix Contact, an expert manufacturer of equipment connection technology with a history of over 100 years, requested Sakura International with a task to provide booth design, construction, and operational support.
Phoenix Contact WEB site:
Maximizing the visualization of future visions and sustainability
The booth expressed a sustainable world future (sustainable society) by combining the future that society as a whole is aiming to achieve with Phoenix Contact’s theme ”Empowering the All Electric Society”.
The booth design is characterized by decorations that look as if heaven and earth have switched places. To express the corporate theme, the booth was staged in the form of a city to convey the idea that energy is circulated throughout the metropolis.
Starting with natural energies, all energy sources are connected and spread throughout the world from homes to electric vehicles. The design visually conveyed that Phoenix Contact is providing the technology that can make this possible.
Exhibition-exclusive “Fave Card” that brings customers’ ideas to life.
We distributed original cards exclusive to the exhibition in a tie-up with Mr. Eiji Miruno, a well-known cartoonist of monodzukuri. The characters linked to each product were the culmination of Mr. Eiji Miruno’s creativity, and the passion of the customer. We supported the client in bringing their ideas to fruition, taking into consideration the operational aspects of the event. We will do our best to share the client’s dream and make it a reality.
Picture: Mr. Eiji Miruno
<Project Members
Produced by Philippe
Space design: Ninomiya
Graphic design: Horie
Operation/Planning: Inui, Fujii