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HP-2203 CES Show Report, from Las Vegas

Everyone knows CES, one of the most famous shows in the USA. It stands for Consumer Electronics Show, but has long outgrown these origins and is now a showcase advanced technology across a wide range of sectors. In fact it is pretty much THE event for companies to launch new products involving any sort of electronic devices that sell directly to the public.

By all accounts this year’s CES was a far more subdued affair than usual with visitors around 40,000 as opposed to the usual 100,000+. In an effort to reduce the potential risks from the Omicron variant coronavirus the Organisers reduced the show period by one day which partially explains the lower numbers. Nevertheless there was an impressive turnout on the showfloor with exhibitors from around the world despite the restrictions on travel.

Start-ups are a big part of the CES show, and an entire floor of the Venetian Expo Center is taken up by pavilions from various countries. Japan was well represented with over 40 companies in a pavilion organized by JETRO to feature emerging technologies and products. A drone that people can ride in was the centre of attention at the pavilion with people queueing up to try sitting in it and take photos.

CES traditionally has a many large corporations exhibiting, who would use the show to make announcements of new products and plans. In fact it was here that Toyota Motor Corporation president Akio Toyota announced plans to build a new living concept called Woven City in Shizuoka. Construction actually started the following year and is continuing now as they move towards the planned completion date in 2025. This year has seen a number of cancellations due to the pandemic however and a much reduced presence.

Sakura International had one project at CES 2022, as you can see from the attached photos. Due to the pandemic the exhibitors were unable to travel to show to display their new products in person, however their presence on the show floor after 2 years away gave them some sorely needed exposure and certainly left an impression on visitors.