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Experience the thrill and excitement of RPGs at the Sumisho Montblanc General Exhibition.

Sumisho Montblanc held the “2024 MONTBLANC EXHIBITION -UNIFORM QUEST LXXIV –Everyone in White is a Hero-“. The private event was held at the Otemachi Mitsui Hall in Tokyo from February 1st to February 3rd, 2024.
We provided services for the event from space planning, design to construction.

▶Prologue – The theme “RPG”.
At the kick-off meeting with Sumisho Montblanc, we were told that they wanted “RPGs as the theme” for this year’s event. Because RPGs as a design theme was something we were interested in, we had many ideas to share with our client.
The RPG theme was chosen because last year’s event theme “The World of Picture Books (Catalogues) ” was well received and the person in charge of the exhibition wanted to make this year’s exhibition unique again.

▶ Chapter 1 – Original Character
We devised an original character and created a key visual as a creative centerpiece for the event.
The visual of the four heroes setting off for Mt. Mont Blanc, which was modeled after the logo of Sumisho Mont Blanc, gave visitors a sense of excitement and thrill. We also created small pixel art versions of the characters.
▶ Chapter 2 – Immersive
The worlds immersion is important for RPGs and the spatial experience of the RPG is crucial. The key was to find the boundary between the two because pushing it too strongly could diminish the exhibition function. To avert this, we emphasized the stimulation of the four senses other than sight as much as possible. To this end, we incorporated staging that would allow visitors to immerse themselves in the RPG world with their entire bodies.

When we think of RPGs, a common visual representation is the pixel art characters of the NES. By adopting the RPG feel that many people envision, we created an immersive experience that makes you feel as if you have stepped into the screen of an RPG.
RPGs have amazing background music, and many have unique and memorable level up sound effects. To mimic this in the booth, we set up audio systems around the event so each time visitors step into a different corner, the background music changes as well as the spatial graphics.

We set up a photo spot that appealed to the sense of touch by providing swords and shields so that visitors can become a part of the party, and by making the equipment and other items that they touch realistic.
Sweets with cute pixel art characters were provided as novelties. The novelties will be available for visitors to enjoy after the exhibition.

▶Finale ~Epilogue
Adding a theme park-like element to the exhibition was a very difficult but rewarding project and there are many more key points that could not be describe here. It was like being on the borderline between work and hobby. All the participating members were extremely motivated and had a lot of fun while working on the project.
This year’s project was unique and exciting and we are looking forward to seeing what next year’s theme will be.

<Project Members
Produced by Tachibana
Space/Graphic Design: Oe
Graphic design: Hanai
Production Leader: Matsuda
Creative Support: Inooku