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Chiyoda Corporation H2&FC EXPO[Spring]2024 Exhibition Support

For three days from February 28th, Smart Energy Week H2&FC EXPO [Spring] 2024, the internationally high-profile hydrogen-related exhibition, was held at Tokyo Big Sight.
Sakura International provided services such as booth design and construction to operation support and content creation to the Chiyoda Corporation.
With “Co-creating (engineering) society’s needs” as the main theme for the exhibit, latest business and technological developments in hydrogen production, transport, storage, and use, as well as the latest information on the hydrogen market were showcased in the booth.
In addition, a presentation and exhibit on the company and Toyota Motor Corporation’s coordinated technology development efforts on Large-Scale Water Electrolysis Systems were also present.
The design concept of the booth was “Simple x Brilliant”.
Integrating Chiyoda Corporation’s corporate color blue and Toyota Motor Corporation’s corporate color red, the two colors gradate within the booth to create a vibrant purple.
We also made extensive use of slit light and indirect lighting on the walls, with the logo elegantly representing the pioneering of the future of hydrogen energy together.
Chiyoda and Toyota Motor Corporation’s collaboration has a great impact on the future of hydrogen production. We were honored to provide our services to help deliver a truly successful exhibit.

Project members
Facilitated by Philippe, Inui and Matsubara
Space design: Ochi
Graphic design: Hanai