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Tokyo Summer Career Forum 2023: O-Support Team

What is the O-Support (Organizer Support) team?
In this article, we will give a brief explanation of what roll the O-Support team plays in Sakura International’s work.
Aside from providing physical support such as booth designs and offsite/onsite production, we provide managerial support to organizers of events through the Organizer Support team.
As part of our support for organizers, we naturally provide support for the companies and organizations that are exhibiting in the event. We often provide services to exhibitor’s to avert problems that arose last minute, even going onsite when needed.
Several years ago, an exhibitor from Italy came to the field office and saw the O-Support tag. The exhibitor open his arms and thanked us with great passion, saying “You were the ones who answered my emails and phone calls!”
I was so moved myself that I felt great satisfaction in my work.
SDGs:Since Sakura International’s founding in 1980, we have been using a system called SRDS (Sakura international Reusable Display System) to reuse exhibition materials. In line with this, the O-Support team has been working paperless for more than a decade. Visitor registration, ordering rental furniture, and services necessary for exhibiting are done online.
If you are interested in application of IT in exhibitons, please contact us!

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We will be able to talk more and more about O-Support at the SCF venue. We look forward to seeing you at the event.

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