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Our personnel appeared in a talk show with Fukumaru Katsura(Rakugo performer)

On Wednesday, October 6, 2021, a recruiting staff member from the General Affairs and Human Resources Division of our company appeared in “Fukumaru Katsura’s Job Hunting Talk House (Loose talk with HR manager before lunch.)”  held at L-Osaka (Osaka Labor Association Hall).
In the Zoom online seminar, we were able to promote Sakura International in a light-hearted conversation with Rakugo performer (Japanese comic storyteller), Fukumaru Katsura!
The event was broadcasted online via Zoom and lasted nearly an hour, answering questions from job seekers about the recent job hunting situation, our company’s initiatives, and our strengths in recruiting various types of human resources.
By the way, this Rakugo storyteller, Mr. Fukumaru Katsura graduated from Nada Junior High School, Nada Senior High School, and then went on to study law at Kyoto University, graduating in 2001.  
After graduation, he studied English Rakugo and performed in the U.S. He is also an international Rakugo performer. He performs mainly classical rakugo, but also creative rakugo, and is active in a wide range of performances both on stage and in the media.
This time, the organizer, Osaka Labor Association, highly evaluated our company’s active recruiting activities so far, which led us to appear in the seminar delivered online via Zoom.
Sakura International is looking for a wide range of human resources both domestically and internationally!
If you are interested in working for us, or if you are interested in our business and operations, we are looking forward to your entry on our recruitment page!
(Reference) It was also introduced on Twitter by Mr. Fukumaru Katsura.
Mr. Fukumaru Katsura (Kamigata Rakugo) “Job hunting talk with Mr. Kitano, General Affairs and Human Resources at Sakura International.“ We talked about many wonderful things! He’s kind and charming! Twitter