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Our booth at the Summer Career Forum: An Opinion of a Senior Employee ④

TOKYO SUMMER CAREER FORUM 2023 will be held on June 24 and 25, 2023 at Tokyo Big Sight’s West Halls 1 and 2.
As announced before, Sakura International will also exhibit and meet the potential employees.

This will be the last of the stories we have been sharing of the experiences of our employees who joined us throught past TOKYO SUMMER CAREER FORUM’s.
We will update you with other stories in the future as we hear more of our employees experiences.
The episode we will introduce is from a male employee who joined us in 2022.

Among companies that have international in their name, I thought this was a company that valued Japanese culture. A noticeble evidenced of this at the event was the pink “happi” wore by their employees, which resonated with me because of my strong interest in Japanese culture.
I thought the company had a good sense of humor, as the serious presentation included selfies taken in Spain by employees.
Once again, the key traits that prospect employees see of our booth and company appears to be impactful and light-hearted.
One of our jobs is to think about how we can attract people to our exhibitions and events. We are very pleased to receive this recognition.

At this year’s TOKYO SUMMER CAREER FORUM, we plan to design and operate a booth that will leave a lasting impression on everyone.
Please stop by our booth.

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