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Our booth at the Summer Career Forum: An Opinion of a Senior Employee ③

TOKYO SUMMER CAREER FORUM 2023 will be held on June 24 and 25, 2023 at Tokyo Big Sight’s West Halls 1 and 2.
As announced, Sakura International will also exhibit and meet the potential employees.

Continuing on from before, we will share the experiences of our employees who joined us through previous TOKYO SUMMER CAREER FORUM’s.

In this issue, we will share the story and impression of our female employees who participated in the TOKYO SUMMER CAREER FORUM in 2022. They are now working energetically as an integral part of our company.

If you describe them with one sentence, Sakura International is a company with impact.
When I was at C.F., among the various booths, the pink booth that could be seen from a distance had tremendous impact on me. As I talked to one of the greeters, they were very interesting and gave an exciting explanation that other companies did not have. I wish I could have explained it like this, so it really resonated with me.
It seems that the black and pink image of the booth is still very strong and memorable.
In our presentations during recruiting activities, we not only talk about the good things about the company and our work but also about our own failures. We want people to know that we are a company where everyone can learn and grow from such failures. In order to ensure that everyone had an opportunity to talk with our senior employees while also protecting from infection, the Career Forum during the Covid-19 Pandemic includeded a live-streaming presentation from our studio.

The employees who are scheduled to make presentations at this years TOKYO SUMMER CAREER FORUM are now preparing to share their stories of pride and failure with you.
We look forward to seeing you at our booth.

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