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2023 Sakura International Initiation Ceremony!

Japan’s famed cherry blossoms bloomed early this year. The full bloom day has since passed but yesterday was a different full bloom day for Sakura International!

We held a grand induction ceremony for our fifteen new employees to our company.
Of our fifteen new coworkers, seven have their roots in countries outside of Japan (Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and North America), making the induction ceremony uniquely global.

Ken Myohdai, President of Sakura International, made a speech introducing Sakura International’s corporate philosophy “The Green Glocal BUSINESS Producer” and how our work field will expand globally and maybe even the moon and beyond in the future.
He continued to explain how he looks forward to the new employees future growth and hopes they will work as if they were the next director of the company.

Other directors continued with speeches such as remembering the experiences of Covid-19 pandemic and apply it in a positive way, and acting with morals as a business person as well as proactively learning to become better.

The representative of the new employees expressed their determination to always have a sense of speed and respond flexibly to different situations. They continued to say they will strive to combine technology, creativity, and hard work to meet Sakura Internationals high standard of work.

To our new employees! Congratulations on our new coworkers!
For all of you, today is the full bloom day! We sincerely wish you all the very best as you blossom with success! Let’s work hard together!