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2022 Sakura International Inc. induction ceremony was held!

For the first time in two years, we held a ceremony for our new employees.
We welcomed 11 new recruits, 6 newly graduated and 5 mid-career hires.

Although the semi-emergency coronavirus measures has been fully lifted, we took caution nontheless, so the event was held online, connecting the Osaka Head Office, Tokyo Headquarters, Tokyo Plant, and Nara Plant. STUDIO ARUKAS WEST (Osaka headquarters), which is typically used for video production and online distribution by our clients, took control of the day as the distribution base.

At the ceremony, our CEO, Ken Myohdai, addressed the new employees, saying, “Today marks the 50th anniversary of the company’s founding. We have managed to overcome half a century, but we believe we still need to grow. It is important for all of you who have joined us today to carry business cards with your own thoughts on them, to promote yourselves, and to improve your abilities to the point where you can appeal to the public. Doing so will lead to the growth and development of our company and your own happiness. I hope you will keep today’s thoughts firmly in mind as you take on this challenge! He offered words of encouragement. The other directors also gave their own words of advice on such themes as “Courage to take the first step without fear of failure,” “What is necessary for future growth,” “The challenge of the Osaka-Kansai Expo,” and “The importance of a smile and good health as a new member of the workforce.

In addition, on behalf of the new employees, one of the recruits expressed their determination to “take the Corona disaster as an opportunity to become a member of society who can create new value and contribute to the company’s development.

To our new employees! Congratulations on your new employment! As “Future Co-Creation Members” who will create the future of Sakura International together.