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♫I like it. I like it. I’m with my mom!♫ (^^♪

Today, I’m at the Tokyo office of Sakura International with my favorite mom.
The company is where my mom works for. 
I‘m one year and half years old, my mom took me for a bit longer journey to come here for the first time, after my mom took a leave since I was born.

It was not so usual to see a little baby in the office (and I’m so cute, (ahem!!)),  that many colleagues of my mom came up to see me one after another, said hello that I got shy and a little nervous, though.

While my mom was chatting with people from the company at the meeting table next to me in the company’s refreshment area, I got tired of waiting and fell asleep.

Yeh~, Yogibo~!! 

Feeling so happy that my mom stays just by me there for me.